Ride Report – Cogswell Dam

55.90 miles, 4:08 moving time, 3,284 ft elevation

Sue, Jeff, Joe, Gregg, Philip, Lynda, Ari, Julie, Victoria. Mike W., Carrie, Larry, Rob, Rick, Raoul, San, Bob.

Mile 0: Start at Sierra Madre. We rolled to Duarte Encanto Park.

Mile 8: Picked up a bunch of sleepy heads in Encanto Park. Maybe they didn’t want the extra 8+8 mile? Bah! We crossed the bridge over a lot of water and took the San Gabriel River Trial up the mountain. After the bike trail ends, we’re on the Hwy 39 Azusa Canyon Hwy. Up Up and Away.

Mile 16: Bald Eagle Tree. I stop every time at the top of the 3rd Dam and look in the tree for the family of bald eagles. One eagle was home today!

Mile 19: East Fork Bridge. Jeff took a turn to climb the back side of GMR. We kept climbing up.

Mile 20: West Fork. Closed to cars. Bike and hikers. Begin a slow climb up 7 miles. BEAUTIFUL creek. Rocky canyon, full creek, shady trees. This is a special, cool, awesome ride.

Mile 27: After 7 miles of slow climb, it takes a steep noticeable incline to the top. The Ranger’s gate was closed and there were guys making sure nobody was going up onto the Dam. I was disappointed, because I wanted to see how much water was up on the dam.

Mile 56: Rode all the way back. It was a perfect riding weather day. It definitely warmed up on the way home.

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