Running Life Lesson #1. Sign up, then train. RLL#2. First steps are the hardest.

IMG_0143I’ve been running more this month, in preparation for a PTC event called February Fecta.

Three running races. Cumulative times are added up for a club competition. I’m not really in the running for podium finish. But, I do like signing up for races.

Running Life Lesson #1. Sign up, then train.IMG_0145

Signing up for a race sets a goal for me. Then I have to train for the event. Running is not a natural gift to me. It’s painful for the first few miles, then it settles down. Running is a mental and physical thing. I don’t like doing it on my own, by my own accord. I usually run with a buddy. If I don’t sign up for an event, I wouldn’t be out at the Rose Bowl at 5:45 this morning. These pics are from this morning’s run. I like to run on trails. Trails are more interesting. Up and down, around the bend. There’s some nice trails around the Rose Bowl. They head into the hills around JPL.

Running Life Lesson #2: The first steps are the hardest, and the last steps are the most enjoyable.

Starting is the hardest part. I pack my gym back the night before with all my clothes for work. I lay out my running clothes for the morning. Zero to think about. Just flip the legs out of the bed and roll forward. It’s dark. It’s cold. The start is the hardest part. But, the end is the best, I always feel great at the end of hard run. Body feels lighter, more focused. Sweat is proof of a good day. I like posting my run on because every run is a huge accomplishment for me.

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