Swim at El Monte

Swimming at lunch time is the best!

I am fortunate to be close to a great pool to swim at lunch time. I run into friends and made friends there. My first visit to the center was a Swim Clinic with Rich Strauss. The main pool is indoor with 6 lanes. Usually, I get me own lane. Awesome. In the summer time, they open the outdoor pool with 6 more lanes. Tan and workout. Double awesome. I haven’t gone down the water slide yet. Locker room is big and clean. It’s fairly cheap too. $3.50/day or a $55 pass for 20 visits. I get the pass.

El Monte Aquatic Center

I ran into Dino at the pool today. It’s a gem of secret. Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. I like to workout there on Monday’s because I have carpool for the kids in the morning and can’t workout before work. This is a great option.

Lesson: Swimming at lunch melts away all the stress.

Even though you can really think a lot in the water, my thoughts have plenty of time to incubate without much distraction.

140305 el monte3

140305 el monte4

140305 el monte (2)

140305 el monte pano


140305 dino1


140305 me

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