Holy Land Experience

Ok. So I got done with the conference a little early. We had a little time to kill on Orlando. We saw this church thing off the freeway. We had to stop and have a look see. Oh, and it was much more than just a church. It was a mini theme park with shows, reenactments, rock climbing, fountains.

Now, I’m a Christian and I believe in Jesus and everything, but this was a little too weird for me.

Enjoy the weirdness!

Ps. They didn’t get my $45. All this was viewable from outside.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not opposed to the whole idea of a theme park around the life of Jesus. But, it was the cheesy execution of the idea that did it in. It was the piped in choral music that nauseated me the most. And maybe they saved all the good stuff for the show inside. We can pray that’s the case.









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