Mulholland Challenge Ride Report

I finished the Full Mulholland Challenge! Great day out in the Santa Monica Mountains with lots of friends.

Summary: 121 miles, 13,900 ft ascent, 10:16 moving time. 11:41:00 chip time. Strava details below. 118 trophies!

highway photo3


This ride is my big 2014 A-list event for the year. Last year at Mulholland my belly gave up at mile 90, so I didn’t finish last year. Since then I have figured out my nutrition: Rice Cakes! Also, we have been practicing climbing on Saturdays and Sundays for the past 4 weeks. I felt pretty ready.

We started by taking off on Friday afternoon and settling into the hotel. Nice Italian dinner and in bed early.

Day started at 6:30am. We saw a bunch of PTC folks I the lobby and at the start. B-group took off at 6:30am. Another crew. Took off at 7am. Sorry for the blurry pictures.

Me, Peter, Peter, GT, Lynda

IMG_2595 Lynda, PaulIMG_2596


Me, Lynda, Dino





At the starting line.


I lost a bottle in the first 10 miles. The event was so well supported I made it through the whole event with one bottle. Hammer nutrition Pertetuem at each stop. Water. I took Endurolytes and Anti-fatigue pills every hour. andrendal pills every hour and half. Belly was good all day long.

Dino had a twisted chain and headed back to hotel.


Weather was cool and over casts.
First climb through Las Virgenes and out to Pacific Coast Highway. Sparkling beach ride.

Climb up Topanga Canyon. Fairly narrow and lots of honky traffic.

Turn off to Old Topanga to Mulholland.

IMG_2621 IMG_2628

Big stop at Peter Strauss

Saw everybody there. That was great to see everybody.

Peter, Lynda, Michel, Phil


Me Michel, GT, Michael, Lynda

IMG_2639Peter and Derek


Me and Bob




Climb up Rock store. Phil broke a chain. He later passed us up. Monster!




IMG_2731 IMG_2648

On the climb up Rock Store I met Jay Leno! He was super nice. Shook my hand. I took the selfie of the year. All the rich dudes ride there six digit cars around and hang out at a the top. He has a yellow McClaren; I heard it’s the only one like it in North America. We saw him pass us a few minutes later and we waved to him.

IMG_2651 IMG_2652 IMG_2655

Yerba Buena and Cotharin. This was super steep. 15-20%. Rough road. Got cold on the descent.

Barry caught up with us at this point too.


Barbara rode with us too. Lynda sees Barb at a bunch of these events. She’s in the neon green.

Deer creek. Spectacular Pacific Coat view.

IMG_2668 IMG_2669 IMG_2672 IMG_2685 IMG_2686 IMG_2687 IMG_2689

Gregg met us at PCH.



Surf’s up, dude.


Lynda got a flat just before Decker. Sebastian showed up just in time to help with the flat.


Me and Sebastian. Lynda is fixing her tire back there.


Decker is THE BIG HILL. 15-20% for the first. Four mile climb. Aid station on top. Mile 80

IMG_2708Encinal descent and climb.

Long and steep rollers 8-10%. out to Stunt Canyon.
Stunt is a MONSTER. 10% for 4 miles.
Vista at the top. Mile 102. Cold cold cold and breezy at the top.

highway photo2 highway photo1

IMG_2730 IMG_2731 IMG_2732 IMG_2729

Short descent then a tough climb. 12%. Then, Piuma descent. This is my favorite descent. Spectacular views and fun winding downhill. Lynda, Gregg and GT and me stayed together all day. Lynda could tell I was done when she saw my face at the top.

Cold Canyon climb out back. This killed me. Short super steep 12%. I was toast. Last 10 miles. I took my time on the way back, others took off back home. Then rollers back to Agoura. GT said he had a flat 2 miles from the end but didn’t fix it; he just rolled to the end. I was behind him by about 5 minutes.

Ended at 11hr:41min.
Bunch of PTC folks were hanging out at the end. Luis took my finish pic! My phone was dead by this time. So glad I finished this year!


I took a quick shower and bought a jersey from Deb. Jersey is nice. It has the cool design, colors, and elevation profile.

IMG_2734 IMG_2733

Big beefy dinner and a drive home. What a great day. Picture perfect execution.

Strava and RidewithGPS details

Mulholland Challenge. Full 120. Agoura Hills, CA.  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 4132014 121115 PM


Cue Sheet

Mulholland Challenge Cue Sheet


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