Easter at the Hollywood Bowl

Easter Service was at the Hollywood Bowl. Christian Assembly, Bel Air Presbyterian, and Fellowship Monrovia joined together. Great Message, Great Music, Sunny 11am service.

He is Risen Indeed!

3 Pastors from each church spoke in turn. Powerful message. Great truth. Great Hope. Resurrection matters right now for you and for me. Invitation and sinner’s prayer. People stood up all over the bowl to commit their lives to Christ. Angels rejoicing.




Combined choir and orchestra from all three churches. It was great. Loved the music.


We found one shady spot off to the right side. It lasted from 9:45 to 11:45. Last half hour got warm in the sun. With a light breeze it was just right.


Panarama from our seats.


From the very front looking back.


Walking down the hill toward the shuttles. Church offered a shuttle bus from Eagle Rock to Hollywood. It was free!


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