Hot Brick

Hot Brick Today. 101°F according to my car thermometer. 14.8 mi. 57:24 moving time. 833 elevation.

Although it was very hot, the breeze from moving fast helped. We rode in the shade which also was a bit cooler. As the day slipped behind the mountains to the west, the temperatures slowing dropped.

Route: Loop around the Rose Bowl. Climb to Descanso. Climb up Chevy Chase. Over Figueroa. Down Lida. Back to Rose Bowl. See Strava details below.

I was called home for Geometry Emergency, so I missed the run. It was south bound along the Arroyo Seco. Shady.


Michel and Lucas at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. Parking Lot I.


Gio, MikeW


Glenn and Steve


View over Glendale at the top of Figueroa.




Lucas, Haroon, Pablo (?), Gio, Glenn. San Gabriel Mountain in the background over Pasadena.


Strava details.

hot brick ride  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 5152014 100316 PM



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