summer swim time

Lunch time swim at El Monte.

1,400 yds, 30:31 elapsed time.

It was a little crowded today, so they opened up another section of the pool. The inside pool is huge with deck dividers. Usually, they squish everyone into the center section with 6 lanes. Today they opened up the deep end with 5 more lanes. So, I got my own lane. It was great. I always ask if we can swim outside. That one is rare during the week. And, I’ve never been down the water slide yet either.

Inside with big pool and 2 deck dividers.


Deep end. My lane.



IMG_6142Center Section, Baby section, out door in back ground


Outside pool. Water slide.

IMG_6147  swim el monte  Swim  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 6112014 14204 PM

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