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By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.

– Robert Frost

It’s ironic it get this in an email blast today from En*theos, because I just got an Employee Annual Performance Review Form from my boss yesterday. I’m a bit torn at this time in my career. I like my day job. I really do. It’s a great day job. I have a great boss. [I always wonder if he has found this blog and if he reads it. I assume he does so, there’s that. Hi, Robert!] But I do have lingering aspirations of something greater that middle management in a hierarchical, bureaucratic,  factory. I do work hard to do a good job everyday. But, I wonder what would make me really happy at work. I don’t talk much about work much on this blog, but maybe I should…

[updated post]

so what’s really relevant is this subsequent post on How to Kickstart your Coaching Career on En*theos, by Jacob Sokol.

Reposting Teaser for his class. OMG. All these are exactly what I needed to hear today.



Our generation wants to make a living while making a difference – combining impact with income – passion with profit.
And although we’re not exactly sure, we think *coaching* might be a great way to do that.
In this course, you’ll learn the most important tools, mindsets, and strategies for launching your coaching career.
This way, you can build the confidence and clarity needed to become a masterful coach, while creating a thriving business with the potential to change lives, and the world.

The Top 10 Big Ideas

Start your free trial to join Jacob Sokol going into detail on the 10 Big Ideas for this class PLUS get access to hundreds of other classes (by hundreds of other extraordinary teachers) to help you optimize every aspect of your life!

  1. If You Wanna Be a Coach… You’ve Gotta Be Coaching!

    All the books, blogs, and podcasts on the planet won’t make you a coach. Hate to break it to ya, but the only way you can be a coach is by actually coaching. And when do you think the (NOW) best time to start is?
    It’s simple: The best way to becoming a *great* coach is to coach a lot. If you need to – coach for free, ask your friends, offer scholarships – do whatever it takes.

  2. Your Life is Your Curriculum

    You don’t need to wait for a 6-month certification with 17 credits and 80 tests to start coaching. You can use your life as your curriculum – and to do so, look into your past…

    What were some of the most challenging situations that you’ve experience and what did you learn from them? What are the teachable moments? What wisdom has made the biggest impact in your life?

  3. Be the Change

    Let’s get this straight. As a coach, YOU are your marketing – not your business card and not your website – but YOU. That means that we’ve gotta be the change which we’re striving to help our clients achieve. If you live what you teach, it’ll inspire your clients to wanna work with you (+ side effect: you’ll create a great life for yourself).
    The main question clients ask themselves when they think about hiring you is “Can they help me?” Let your life be the answer to that question.

  4. Don’t Sell… Serve!

    When you get on a “sales” call with your potential client… don’t TELL them about your services… SHOW them your services! In other words, instead of explaining what your coaching is and how it could help them… just start coaching and helping them!

    If after a while you feel like you’ve helped them, just ask: Did you find this helpful? Would you like to have more conversations like this in the future? Would you like to hear more about how we could get started with my coaching program?

  5. You Are Your Competitive Advantage

    “Why would anyone invest in me when I’m just getting started and there are more experienced people out there?” First off, people don’t invest in you, they invest in themselves. But let’s answer that question…
    People wanna work with someone they can relate to. So stop trying to be who you think you SHOULD be and instead, be yourself!

  6. Why So Serious?

    Steve Chandler has a great line in his book Wealth Warrior that goes something like this: “Being serious is a wealth repellant.”
    I *love* that. Nobody wants to do business with someone who’s got a stick up their butt. So have a blast – make it fun – and bring some lightheartedness to heavy topics. People will remember how you make them feel much more than what you say to them.

  7. Coach Like You’re Willing to Be Fired

    Your clients don’t need friends. They need people who are going to help them get what they actually want. And if order to do that, you gotta call them out on their shit (with whatever degree of love you feel necessary).

    So don’t try to people-please your clients… Your job is to help bring awareness so that they can make conscious choices to get what they want in life. Say the things most people are scared to say to them, and coach like you’re willing to be fired. Then you’ll be hired. :o)

  8. Don’t Be a Life-Guard

    And try to *rescue* people. As coaches, we can fall into the trap of wanting to save or fix our clients but that’s often time more harmful for them. Why? Because it reinforces the idea that they’re powerless and keeps them in *victim* mode. Instead, we want to see our clients as *creators* and support them in creating their ideal life.

  9. Know Your Role

    The term Coach gets thrown around a ton these days. But check out the distinction between a coach, a mentor, and a consultant:

    Coach – asks questions to help you arrive at your own inner wisdom.  Mentor – provides guidance and support based on their own experience and wisdom. Consultant – helps you overcome a specific challenge/problem based on expertise they have in a field.

    It’s okay to be all of these with you clients. Just know your role when you’re changing hats.

  10. Don’t Wait Until You’re Ready

    If you feel like you’re not ready to start coaching, don’t waste your time ruminating on these thoughts. Here’s why: Confidence *follows* action, not the other way around. So take the next step and find someone you can coach. The confidence will follow.


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