Race Rehearsal for Vineman

Race Rehearsal for Vineman.

Bike: 59.8 mi, 3:26 moving time, 827 elevation. 15 Strava trophies

Run: 3.3 mi, 39:13 moving time.

Start at Encanto.

Sue, Lynda, and I started down the San Gabriel River Trail. Then, connected to the Rio Hondo River Trail and LA River Trail.

We saw Trevor and Nicole setting up for a later departure time. We saw Gio, Alvin, Steve, Gregg, Bryan, and Kirk on the ride. They started a bit later and caught up to us.

I tried out my new tri kit. I had trouble finding the pockets. duh. The shorts are race trim, which means I was close to have crackage. The black top was getting hot on the run. Length is barely covering. I may have belly and crackage on the race. hmm.

I make Rice Cakes for my nutrition. It worked well. I sip Hammer Perpetuem every 12 minutes. I take Hammer Endurolytes and Anti-fatigue pills, every 30-45 minutes. I chomp on my rice cakes after the pills. My vacation took a toll on my biking power. I just didn’t have the extra oomph to accelerate up the rollers. I felt good about the mileage, just wish the power was there again.

All in all the rehearsal was good for running out the kinks in the race form. Kit stuff, nutrition, changing flats.

IMG_7033IMG_7032  IMG_7037 IMG_7038

I got a flat at mile 22. I just got new tires replaced yesterday. I had the guy install them. Obviously something was up with that. Lynda’s rear brake was messed up. She had to keep manually releasing it. Bummer. Later, she removed the whole rear brake part. Sue had a near miss with a dog and a grumpy owner. Potty break at the park, then “the Bridge”

IMG_7040 IMG_7042  IMG_7048

We flipped it at 30 miles and went back. We got back to the cars and transitioned to the run. My energy was not so great, so I had a slow run. Lynda chopped a bird in half. It flew cross wind and didn’t make it through the spokes.

IMG_7049 IMG_7052

Lynda demonstrated the police take down of the criminal on the bike path. Guns drawn! Gregg had his new PTC skin suit.

IMG_7053 IMG_7054


Strava: I had 15 trophies on the bike!

Race Rehearsal. Bike. flat and not much power.  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 6282014 23147 PM Chrome Legacy Window 6282014 23032 PM

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