Sunday Swim. Belmont Shores. Long Beach

PTC Sunday Swim. Folks went different distances, from 0.5 to 1.3 miles.

PTC swimmers all had the new swim caps. Looking sharp! Elizabeth, Michel, and Gail led the crew out.

It was a recovery week for me following Vineman. The kids came with me so we swam and splashed. We played built a sand castle, played frisbee. We brought a new Pand kite, but forgot the string. I swam a couple laps, 472 yds. It was a little overcast to start, but opened up to a nice day at the beach.

We had brunch at Panama Joes. $5 Endless Mimosas with French Toast Deal!

By the time we left, it was a gorgeous day in Long Beach.

Alvin, Elizabeth, Dave, Nury, Mike, Mike, John, Valerie, Gail, Sue, Michel, Me, Richard, Dave and the kids in front.

IMG_7982IMG_7974 IMG_7976 IMG_7977 IMG_7978 IMG_7979

Dave borrowed my wetsuit for his first open water swim. He and Mike went long. ~1.3miles. We got a little worried, but they eventually showed up. Dave was a little woozie.



IMG_7984 IMG_7985 IMG_7994 IMG_7998 IMG_7999 IMG_8002 IMG_8003

IMG_8011 IMG_8021 IMG_8034 IMG_8039 IMG_8043 IMG_8051 IMG_8052 IMG_8053

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