eye on the prize

During my road trip to Vineman, there was lots of time to think about life and what to do about it. On the way up to Vineman Race, I drove alone. So that was me-time. On the way down to LA, Bryan rode with me. So that was chit chat time. Both times led me to remember what’s most important in life and to get out there and make it happen.

Curiously and serendipitously, head hunters have been calling me this week. Maybe I was feeling overwhelmed at work. Maybe I felt behind and a little less motivated than normal. Either way, the emails and phone calls with recruiters always take me to another place. It’s flattering. They like me. They like what they see on paper. They like to talk to me. It’s their job to get people on their good size. It’s their job to bring out the best in people. I always feel great talking to them about my past job experience. I start to think of the grass always greener out there, somewhere. I dream about the new possibilities. I pray for wisdom to pursue what could be. I pray for contentment to be happy with what I have.

They say that the best time to find a new job is when you have a job. Meaning, you’re not under the pressure to take the first offer you get. You can wait for something that is truly awesome.

Work is more that just a paycheck. I spend a lot of my waking hours there. I want to work at place that makes a difference in people’s lives. I want to work with cool people, doing cool things.


This post is about reflection and keeping my eyes on the prize. The thoughts about work and discussions with head hunters really is just mental noise and a gentle reminder to keep my eyes on the prize.

Last December (12/2013) I went through Unique Genius Super Heroes Program by Aaron Ross. He challenged me to live the greatest life I can. To incorporate my talents and work history and to blend it with my passions. The nitty gritty details was to start new projects and bring new passions to my existing work. Half of 2014 is over. It’s time to evaluate how my New Year’s Resolutions are going.

New Passions, Business

Unique Genius. I started a coaching company in January. It’s called Blue Blanket Coaching. I posted it on my blog. I am concluding an 8 week sessions with my first client. He’s a friend of mine going through a bunch of different stuff in his personal and professional life. We meet on a weekly basis. I learn alot about him and about myself. I have learned to be patient and listen. I have learned to spit out stuff I think he needs to hear. It’s time to throw another rock, as Aaron Ross would say. This takes new and different energy. It’s like flexing a muscle you never knew you had.

Choose Happiness Blog

Blog: I started a blog, beginning in January. June was my biggest month to date. It gets many hits for PTC events that I post about. Vineman part 1 and Part 2 have made the biggest one day hit count for the whole year. Blog is very successful in bringing PTC events to my friends. A real emphasis is to (1) keep the blog positive, no whining. (2) Infuse my personal experience, give it a personal side. Things I thought of and what I saw at the events. More than a narrative, more than platitudes and quotations. (3) Blog is Unique Genius stuff. I have less time to blog about it in depth. It has a separate following, much smaller and farther across the country. But, this is a passion to reach guys like me that want to chase their passions. This blog celebrates pursuing happiness.

Pasadena Triathlon Club, Secretary

PTC: I started serving on Board of Directors as Club Secretary beginning in Jan. I gave a lot of effort in the beginning to club meetings, board meetings, and starting programs. Successes so far. Club meetings and board meetings. Lynda stepped down from the board, so that was a little disappointing. But we have found a mode in which we can still operate happily in PTC. Wednesday Runs. Sunday Swims. There’s lots of new stuff happening and new guys joining up.

Healthy, Happy Personal Life, Personal Challenges

Triathlon: Mulholland Challenge and Vineman were my main events. I completed both events and had fun doing it. I brought others along for the ride and shared the experience.

Family: Kids are excelling at school and sports. They are happy and healthy. They have a positive middle school experience. We have fun days together. Summer vacation was super fun together. Wife is happy and healthy. She is content at her job. She enjoys her days off. She spends quality time with her folks. She has strong close girl friends.


My day job is what it is. Not bad. Not great. I’m content to do my best everyday. I will save some energy  to invest in my new passions, which is Blue Blanket Coaching, Pasadena Triathlon Club, and my blog. These passions overlap and excite each other in fun ways.

There is a physical and an emotional letdown after the big race at Vineman. The body is tired and the mind is tired. Both need a little more rest and re-charging. Ahhh. This felt good to talk about. thanks. Joe.

[I’m not pushing this post to FB. only on WP. i’m intended to encourage the blog-o-sphere and hope it hits those it’s meant to hit.]

One thought on “eye on the prize

  1. Great post Joe!!!! Keep your eye on the the Mountain that you want……………… and keep it positive.
    Life does better on “positive” — much less energy and good things come of it!!!

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