en*theos. positive community.

en*theos is a great positive community online.

I found this hangout by the Unique Genius Super Heroes Program by Aaron Ross. Aaron interviews his buddies that inspire him, one of the buddies is Brian Johnson, who founded en*theos. I bought his Philosophers Notes. They notes are awesome. The book is like Cliff Notes with Brian’s take on them. Following Brian’s projects, I found his online playground call en*theos. I hang out there online for positive inspiration. Think of facebook, without the whining. only positive people and high enthusiasm for living. It’s really different. I signed up to be an Ambassador for the project. I got a goodie box last night in the mail with books, videos, postcards, T-shirt. It’s awesome. I like en*theos because the community is very encouraging. I am making friends with happiness in common.




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