Ride Report. Pepperdine – Encinal – Mulholland – Pacific Coast Hwy

Ride Report. Malibu – Encinal – Mulholland – Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)

49.4 miles 3:07 moving time, 3,724 ft elevation.

I carpooled with Joel. We were running late. Thanks to all the guys that waited up for us. We started at a park across the street from Pepperdine University, at PCH and Maliby Canyon Rd.

Unlike the rest of the hot hot week, today was a cooler, with clouds. It was a nice change of weather.

We headed north on PCH. Took a right and went Up Up UP Encinal. Then down, then Up Up Up Encinal some more. Left (more like U-turn) at Mulholland. Rode Mulholland across and down back to PCH. This is one of my favorite descents. Lynda, Steve, Gregg stopped and played with the camel. We rode north on PCH a little to Neptune’s Nest, which had water and restrooms. I used both. We rolled across the street and watched the surfers. Waves were pretty flat, I thought. Rode back along PCH. Lots of fast traffic, but there is a wide shoulder.

Steve, Margot, Steve, Phil, GT, Michel, Rich, Bill (?sorry), Lynda, Gregg, Dino. Not pictured me and Joel.




Pepperdine University


North on PCH. Foggy.


Zuma Beach. Home of the Nautica Triathlon.




Encinal Cyn turns right to more Encinal Cyn.





Turn LEFT LEFT LEFT to Mulholland







GT, Gregg, Steve

IMG_8228 IMG_8235 IMG_8247 IMG_8249


IMG_8280 IMG_8251 IMG_8257 IMG_8258 IMG_8262 IMG_8263IMG_8259Chrome Legacy Window 7262014 42211 PM

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