Once ~ the musical

My lovely wife and I went to see Once ~ the musical, at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood.

SHOW: Tony Best Musical in 2012. Beautiful love story. Actors are the singers and musicians. The story takes place a pub in Dublin. So, before the show we walked up onto the stage and ordered beers. I had my Pantages Theater center stage experience. Unfortunately, the picture nazis were out and I was forbidden to take pictures from the stage. It was awesome. Singers were strong and heart wrenching. Music was fun and engaging. No stage changes. No big tap dancing production numbers. It was an intimate quiet, wry, love story. We had close seats and could see the actors’ expressions.

Anniversary: This was a celebration for our 17th anniversary. Cheers! We arrived early and had a snack at nearby shop. We talked about how the year went. We talked about what we want to do with the family over the next year. Some goals for each of us and for the family. Good times.

IMG_8200 IMG_8201 IMG_8203 IMG_8205 IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8210 IMG_8211 IMG_8283 IMG_8284 IMG_8285

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