Vacation. Day 7. Surprise 50th Anniversary Party.

I surprised my folks with a party at Vivian and Bernie’s house, celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They were the sponsors at the College Ministry for 9 years, while my sister and I were at UCLA. A bunch of the kids showed up for the party. They all have kids of their own, many of which are in college now. It was great to see our friends from college. Some I haven’t seen in a very very long time.

Buca di Beppo catering was dropping off the food as we approached. My mom was saying, ‘ooo, look someone’s having Buca!’.

They were truly surprised. I was glad it worked out.

Vivian got a special cake with my dad and mom’s picture, from Vivian’s wedding, which was 23 years ago.

IMG_8874 IMG_8875

Dareth & Luis, Stuart & Jen. Brian. Ed.

IMG_8879 IMG_8880

Vanessa. Irene. CR. Dad.

IMG_8881 IMG_8882

Cousins. Tabitha, Vivian, Mom.

IMG_8883 IMG_8884

Stuart, Jen, and girls. Luis & Dareth.

IMG_8886 IMG_8887

Mark & Tori. Brian, Vanessa, and family.

IMG_8888 IMG_8889

Jamie, Daniel and family. Me and family.

IMG_8890 IMG_8891

Beth and family. CR, Leslie, and family.

IMG_8901 IMG_8902

Vivian, Bernie and family. Their oldest just accepted into UC Berkeley Business Program. Ed and girls.

IMG_8903 IMG_8904

Group Shot.

IMG_8907 IMG_8920 IMG_8922 IMG_8923

2 thoughts on “Vacation. Day 7. Surprise 50th Anniversary Party.

  1. Thanks so much for posting, Joe. It would have been great to be there and see everyone and congratulate your parents.

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