morning run. hot one.

6.0 miles, 1:00:48 moving time, 2 strava trophies.

I ran with friends Scott and Nik. RBAC up along the Rose Bowl and Brookside gold course. Trails to the water fountain. It was dark when I arrived and already warm. Then, the sun came out and it was hot. We saw an urban coyote along the trails. Scott was chasing him for about 1/2 mile. Some days I pick up the pace on the last mile, today, I tried pushing on the last mile and all I had was 9:07 pace. I think it was humid too, cuz I was soaked through. Nice to meet new friend Scott. Go Bruins! You should definitely do the Olympic race down in SD this weekend. G’luck!

IMG_0030 IMG_0031

Scott zooming down the trails.

IMG_003309172014 Pasadena, CA  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 9172014 83428 AM


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