Brick Ride. Arroyo Loops. Sundowners.

19.2 miles, 1:01:43 moving time, 666 ft elevation, 14 strava trophies.

Since the equinox passed, we’re on the short side of the sun. There’s a mental phenomena called sundowners, where old people get weird once the sun goes down. That’s me. Wikipedia says, “Sundowning is a psychological phenomenon associated with increased confusion and restlessness in patients with some form of dementia”

We rode a friendly loop around the bowl, then south along the Arroyo and Grand to SoPas. Right on Mission, Back onto Arroyo and back. It’s a beautiful scenic route. Old oaks trees shade the calm curves. Sunset in the Arroyo.

Bryan in his World Championship kit, Mont Treblant

IMG_0199 IMG_0200


Mike, Zach, Brayn, Luis, Michel, Donna, Mike, Peter. Not pic’d Lynda, Gregg, Elizabeth





Loop around the Rose Bowl

IMG_0202 IMG_0206 IMG_0207IMG_0215

Over the 110 Hwy, the oldest freeway in the US.


The old Colorado Blvd Bridge.

IMG_0214  IMG_0216

South Pasadena. SoPas. My home town. The is the end of Grand at Trader Joes, turning onto Mission. That’s our water tower up on the hill. I live up and over that hill, about a 1.5 miles from my house.


Chrome Legacy Window 9252014 83705 PM

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