Finding Emo to Harry Otter: Film typos illustrated for InkTober

funny, punny, cute. i love this stuff. well done, mr austin light. it has everything i like. charming illustration, punny execution, and movies.


Day 4 Finding Emo - Imgur Finding Emo (Picture:

Just one guy, his pen, 31 days and a whole lot of Reddit typos = the creation of the best effort InkTober has seen. 

Artist Austin Light decided to get involved with InkTober – the movement created by Jake Parker where artists create an ink drawing every day for the whole of the month of October – in the most incredible way.

In full on commitment, he decided to turn the Reddit thread of removing one letter from movie titles to make something new into some amazing works of art. And this, THIS is the result.

From Obo Cop to 30, with Harry Otter, Jurassic Par, and the Fat and the Furious in between, Austin Light pretty much nailed it. Unbelievably he spent no more than 40 minutes a day on these master pieces.

Day 1 Obocop - Imgur Obo Cop (Picture:

Day 1: Obo Cop. The story of how a police officer…

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