Revel Canyon City Half Marathon

13.1 miles, 2:06:19 moving time, , 972 ft elevation net drop, 3 strava trophies

Revel Canyon City Half Marathon.

This was a zero dark thirty local trip. 4:30am call time. We met at Eagle Rock Starbucks and rode in a van together. Gregg drove us over to Azusa. Parked at Citrus College and hopped on a school bus. Joel was the only one to tackle the full marathon. The bus ride up to the top was agonizingly slow. It was the driver’s first time ever up the mountain and she practically stopped at every turn in the road. 3 other buses backed up behind her. She was a snail’s pace. She didn’t get the concept of 13.1 miles and that’s the start. She almost stopped and let us out at an Aid Station at mile 6. Just past Cogwells Dam (West Fork), we finally stopped and joined the crowd at the parking lot. Lots of porto-potties, fresh with new TP! Glenn had to really pee, so he darted to the potties. His Revel bag ripped and he almost lost his shoes and everything down the toilet. Yuck. Eek! Everyone broke out their mylar blankets. It was cold as the sun broke through, but we believed it would warm up slightly. I was glad I wore warm up pants and fuzzy hoody. I took my gym bag and had a variety of clothes to pick from. I opted for long sleeve tech tee, shorts, throw away gloves, and dropped off the bag. We took off at 7am. Check out the elevation profile. I felt good at the start. Potty stop at mile 2. The hill at 3 miles made my tummy gurgly, not sure what that was about. Walked it off through the aid station and picked it up again. It was cloudy and kinda windy through the canyon. It was up and down for 6.8 miles. I was glad they had Powerbar gels at mile 6, cuz I was feeling tired and already ate 2 gels. I couldn’t wait until the un-interrupted downhill came. That was great. At mile 11 it flattened out. Race director was our PTC friend Nicole Luque. She did a great job. My favorite parts of the end expo: the Marie Calendar’s Apple Pie, the cool wet towel to clean off, the banana, the picture background, and the print out results. Paul and Lynda podiumed in their age groups! Bunch of folks PR’d. This was Steve’s 1st Half. Well Done.

Steve, me, Mike, Gregg, Glenn, Lou, Joel, Kirk, Amy, Lynda. (Jaime was dropping off Amy).

IMG_1985 IMG_1989 IMG_1993 IMG_1994 IMG_1995 IMG_1997



From the back: Jones, Kirk, Glenn, Mike, Me, Paul, Mike, Sue

Gregg, Yuri, Steve, Lynda, Lou, Amy. and Dino

IMG_2003 IMG_2008 IMG_2013


Robbie braved it shirtless. [I guess if I had that body, I’d be shirtless all the time too.]


IMG_2016 IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2026 IMG_2029

Paul and Lynda Placed in their Age Groups. Winners! The rest got apple pie




IMG_2030 IMG_2031 IMG_2032


Good job, Nicole!


IMG_2034 IMG_2036 IMG_2038

10714014_10153631372824572_3164780406712419505_o 10697157_10153631375904572_7807806413202958595_o 10697412_10153631374424572_7942184691496204187_o 10713992_10153631374739572_3435472281649874093_o

Amy celebrating that she SMOKED Kirk. Kirk not so much.

IMG_2042 IMG_2044

Chrome Legacy Window 11152014 123843 PM

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