Visiting friends

While traveling for my day job, I had a chance to visit some friends in the Bay Area this week.

It was great time to see my friend Brian. He was my best man in my wedding, 17 years ago. Old friendships are great because you can just pick up from where you left of, without feeling like you missed a beat. His kids are growing up fast. He’s involved with his church. He went to Kenya a few years ago with his church. I might connect with them after the ebola stuff calms down. He’s working hard at Apple, hanging on for a couple more years. After a yummy sushi dinner, we stopped by his house and got to see the kitchen and living room remodel. It was almost done and looked really great. I love remodels. His son was practicing piano inside a temporary trailer with the door closed in the rain, by the light of a headlamp. Hilarious.





The next night, I had dinner with Jessica. She was my protégé of sorts at my last company. She’s also working at Apple, in another group. It sounds pretty hard work there. Long hours and demanding projects. Her brother is getting married soon. And her parents stayed with her for a couple months earlier this year. It’s fun to hear where she’s going with her career. We had Malaysian food. Yummy.



Reconnecting with close friends, face to face is pretty terrific. A reminder that the important things in life are the people in your life.

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