Sierra Madre to Crystal Lake. Ride Report

62.1 miles, 5,486 ft elevation, 4:53:04 moving time, 20 Strava trophies.

Great day for a ride. The weather report said cold, but it was not too bad. It’s good to take an extra layer than be shivering. We started at Sierra Madre, which is all dressed up for Christmas in the background.

Derek, Dino, Richard, Rob, Lynda, Chris Jonathan, Gregg, Peter, Paul, and me. Amy and Michel rolled in a minute after 7:30am.


In Encanto Park, we picked up a few more. David, MikeW, MikeK, and new friend (sorry).


First couple miles up the San Gabriel River Trail to the end. Then merge onto Hwy 39. There were a lot of ATV kids going up the mountain in large trucks.

IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3150 IMG_3151

This is The Bridge at East Fork. Later we pass Cogwell Dam at West Fork.

IMG_3152 IMG_3153

The scenery changes to beautiful wilderness and mountain climbing. 6-10% through most of the way up. In the summer it’s deathly hot. In the winter it’s freezing cold. But, Today, it was AWESOME. There’s a creek flowing along side the road.

IMG_3155 IMG_3156 IMG_3158 IMG_3160

This is The Waterfall Out Of The Rock. It’s a famous point, in the steep switchbacks. When the fast guys reach the top of the Crystal Lake turnoff, they turn around and descend.

IMG_3161 IMG_3164 IMG_3165 IMG_3167

6 miles from the top, there’s a campground to fill up water. Very convenient.

IMG_3168 IMG_3170 Sierra Madre to Crystal Lake  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 1262014 24519 PM

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