Track. 400-800-1200 x2

4.7 miles, 50:31 moving time, 134 tough suffer score

Track workout with Los Feliz Flyer, TOG (the other group). Today was a cooler night. My hands were frozen during most of the workout. The workout was tough. Elise and Amy were strong and fast. I tried to just chase them. My breathing was labored, edge of wheezing. The cold weather also contributes to constricted airways. I gave it my best on the 400-800-1200. The second set of 400-800-1200 was definitely harder. I thought about bailing on the last lap of the 1200. But, pushed through. The guys running the TOG gave us very little rest time between each segment.

I was actually pretty amazed at my pace for 400-800-1200. Since the track is kinda dark and we’re moving so fast, I didn’t really look at my Garmin much. I only looked at it at the lap for time.

400 pace: 6:29 / mile

800 pace: 7:02

1200 pace: 7:33

400 pace: 6:53

800 pace: 7:29

1200 pace: 7:41

The charts verify that I spent more time in the red zone and higher paces. Cool.

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4 thoughts on “Track. 400-800-1200 x2

    1. I wear my Hoka One One Mafate. I’m still deciding if I like or love them. The lacing that come with them is quick but doesn’t keep the tension where I like it. I’ve been meaning to try some new laces.

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