Hoka One One lacing system that didn’t work for me. The laces were a loop that you pull tight and cinch with a locking piece. However, I like the toe box slightly tighter and the area over the top of my foot looser. I found that my foot goes numb if the laces are too tight over the top of my foot. There’s a nerve in there that get pinched. Also, my feet swell during long runs, to the toe box needs to allow for my feet to get a little bigger and wider. My chiropractor, who’s a marathoner, gave me these great tips for lacing and shoe fit. With the current lacing system, the laces are too slick, so that the tension gets evened throughout the shoe and the tight box area gets looser, and the ridge over the foot gets tighter. I hesitated to change the laces, because you have to cut the loop and it’s not reversible. But, I’m sure of it now. And, it’s been driving me crazy the last few times to the track. Hoka must have know people didn’t all like the system, because the second pair of laces were in the box. So, I replaced that laces and they feel much better. I try them out tomorrow and update the post.

Left shoe: Before the changes shows the loop and cinching piece.

Right shoe: Replacement laces. Tighter in the toes and at ankle, while loose over the ridge.

Cut the cord!

IMG_3977IMG_3979  IMG_3978

One thought on “Shoelaces

  1. Very interesting! I have never liked the single laced approach in shoes. I had it in my Soloman Crossmax and the shoes were always too tight or too loose. I JUST returned a pair of Hoka Stinson ATRs yesterday because they have made my big toes go numb during my last three runs in them. I wonder if changing the laces may have down the trick! Oh well, I am trying the New Balance trail shoes next.

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