Chocolate Souffle

Kids like to help baking. They love chocolate. Christmas is all about making it special. So, we put it all together and made Chocolate Souffles. Recipe here. MM mixed the dark chocolate, heavy cream, vanilla, dark rum, and a pile of sugar. BK buttered and sugared the ramekins. We chilled the chocolate base in the fridge a day ahead on the 24th. We’ll did the rest of the cooking at my sister’s house after dinner. There’s about 20+ folks at my sister’s house for Christmas, so we tripled the recipe to make 20+ ramekins. MM wisked in the 18 egg yolks. I beat the 18 egg whites to soft peaks. The trick in making fluffy souffles is to get the air into the souffles. Using a stand mixer, the stainless steel bowl must be clean and dry; the eggs whites have to be separately diligently, not bits of yolks; and add a pinch of cream of tartar. We whipped on high under the egg whites stand with soft peaks. Quickly we folded the egg whites into the chocolate mix. Quickly, we filled the ramekins. Quickly, we shoved them in the oven, before the air sneaks out. We used tiny size, medium size, and jumbo size ramekins. And, the oven was a little uneven. All in all, the little ones finished first, and the jumbos were good and fluffy on the top half, but a little sludgy on the bottom. MM sprinkled powder sugar on top and it was served piping hot. Mmmm. If you could only have smelled the kitchen…

IMG_4054 IMG_4055IMG_4182 IMG_4181 IMG_4180

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