New Space

At work, I moved to a new cube space.

This is great. I cleaned it off, and slowly moved my computer and crap from my old cube to the new one. I sat down and spun around in my chair and thought about a couple thing. This is a metaphor for life.

I’m moving physical spaces at work but I’m also moving moving in mental and emotional spaces in my personal life. I have a lot to share this year on my blog. I’m excited about this year.

Cleaning off the old dust bunnies.

Similarly as my cube, it’s refreshing to spray down the surfaces in my life and wipe them clean. Those corners of my life are still useful, they can shine again. Maybe those are the creative areas in my life. Like painting and sketching. Maybe, it’s writing and interviewing for this blog. Flexing old mental muscles that got left alone to collect dust. Wiping them off isn’t that hard, it just takes time and effort. How important is it to me, that’s the real question.

Moving the essentials with you

Just as I moved my computer as the first thing, I look at my essentials in life and move them first too. This is the priority metaphor. Tackle the important things first. It may not be the squeakiest wheel, but it’s the most important. Solid foundations make great houses. My foundations are my wife, my kids, then work, friends, triathlon, and so on. It’s gotta stay in order. Once I plugged in the computer I grabbed the most active files.

New mailing address

I left a note on my old cube, so people can find me. This is re-connecting and staying connected. Although new things are always exciting and fun, it’s part of my own continuity. Nobody ever really starts completely over. I gotta pick up where I left off and start running again. Plug in the network cable! You got work to do.


My new cube is along a hallway with floor to ceiling window. I’m overjoyed. I thrive in sun-light. Sometimes, I think I’m part plant. This is a metaphor for appreciating the world around me. I love the the San Gabriel Mountains climbing high in the background. I’m lucky. Not just for a spot that can see outside, but I’m lucky to have a family that loves each other, with minimal drama. I’m lucky in my day job. I’m lucky to have friends that encourage me to swim, bike and run. It’s a beautiful world out there, both literally and figuratively. Soak it all in.

This year is going to be very busy for me, and sometimes I worry that I can’t do it all. But, I’m sure that I will give it my best and that will be fun and just enough for me. I left perfection behind me a few years ago. Now, I enjoy the journey, good or bad. When there’s hard times, it means there’s things to learn. And in those times, you actually see what you’re made of.

Here’s the view out my window. San Gabriel Mountains to the far left.


One thought on “New Space

  1. Ah, I remember the days of cube city well!! Having a window is indeed a special treat – enjoy it! I used to get the worst tension headaches during the day because of the constant fluorescent lights… Enjoy the new phase in your professional life! đŸ™‚

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