CompuTrainer. Mt. Ranier Duathlon.

25.73 virtual miles, 1:14:45.

There was beautiful orangy pink sunset on my way to Lynda’s house for CompuTrainer, where I met Kirk, Amy, Lynda, Bill, Allen and Yuri. We posed with on our Feb Fecta T-shirts. Lynda got them made, and she got Run with Us to donate the shirts! Brooks brand running shirts. Nice fit. I changed back to another shirt for the workout, which was a 2 loop course Mt. Ranier Duathlon. First half is flat as a pancake, second half was a steady climb with weird steep blips that only lasted a second or two, like a virtual speed bump to slow you down. Lynda’s homemade cookies with no sugar were sitting on the counter staring at us while we rode.

IMG_6232IMG_6242IMG_6235 IMG_6240  IMG_6243 Chrome Legacy Window 1292015 94306 PM

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