Mom’s cousin Bertha

My dad officiated at a funeral service for my grand-aunt Berta Levy. I offer moral support for him, whenever he speaks.

My cousin Carrie gave Bertha’s life story. Levy is a mis-translation of Lee by US immigration office. Nice, eh? We often joke about our Jewish cousins. Bertha’s husband is Ronald Levy is my mom’s cousin, that the actual connection. Bertha lived a long wonderful life to age 80. She was born and raised in LA. She lived, worked and loved in LA. She loved Vegas, which explains the slot machine and poker hand floral displays at her service. Those are the funniest floral tributes I’ve personally ever seen.

This side of the family is so easy going. Not too much crying. Most of the people were greeting each other with “Hi. How the heck are you?” And a friendly hug and laugh. She asked everyone to wear Hawaiian shirts, which half the crowd did, including my dad. That was awesome.


Cool Sky Rose Chapel.


Vegas baby!

IMG_6207 IMG_6215

Gratuitous palm tree pic. Even cemeteries in LA have palm trees.


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