Surf City Half Marathon

Feb 1, 2015, 7:45am Huntington Beach, CA in sunny southern California.

13.2 miles, 2:04:33 official time, 336 suffer score, 8 trophies

Lynda arranged for 2 vans for about 20 members from Eagle Rock. She and Gregg picked up the vans and the packet for everybody. BRAVO! We left Eagle Rock Starbucks at 500am, sharp.

IMG_6291 IMG_6295 IMG_6298

We valet parked the vans and unwound in the Hyatt lobby. Clean fresh bathrooms. Although our usual spot downstairs was unavailable, we found a spot for everybody to relax for about an hour.

IMG_6301 IMG_6302 IMG_6303 IMG_6304 IMG_6306

Back: Kirk, Gregg, Neal, Gio, Nina, George, Victoria, Yuri, Dr. Martin Choi, Peter, Jonathan, Rob, Paul and LyndaD

Front: Amy, LyndaN, Joe, Alvin, Derek. Sebastian was taking care of business. Bill was there too.


About 45 minutes before race start, we mozied down to the start line. We said hi to Sole Runners and Coach Steve. And we shared tent space with Pasadena Pacers.

IMG_6315 IMG_6316 IMG_6318 IMG_6319 IMG_6322 IMG_6323 IMG_6324

The start was a mass of humanity. 15,000+ runners. Half and Full marathoners.

IMG_6326 IMG_6327

150201 surf city 1

IMG_6329 IMG_6330

Race notes. I felt great and tried to bank time on the early miles. I kept less than 9:00 min/miles for miles 1-3. There was a hill on mile 4 so that was a bit slower. I took gels at mile 3, 6, and 9. At mile 6, the gel went down a little bumpy, so i walked it off to make sure nothing came up with the burps. I had one water bottle on my belt so that I could sip in between aid stations. The aid stations were frequent enough it was no problem. The weather was perfect. Not cold, not hot. One tiny potty stop at mile 8, but less than 40 seconds. Not sure if Garmin’s moving time figured that one out. Mile 8 there’s a turn around and a long stretch back to the finish line (miles 9-13). My gut check is always mile 10. This time mile 10 felt good. I felt strong and on pace for 2:00. It didn’t work out that way, but it was close. I lost the time walking through the aid stations and not picking up the pace fast enough. My Hokas were great on the run. I had no knee pain, no hip pain. At the finish, I met Lynda. I actually finished in 2:04 and she in 2:07, but she had wiggled up to the front at the start line and took off minutes before me. Friendly competition rocks.

Course runs along Pacific Coast Highway. Yuri and I took medal shots on the beach.

IMG_6332 IMG_6335 - Mozilla Firefox 222015 12947 PM

Since I raced 3 years in a row, I got a Legacy Sticker for my Surfboard medal!

Strava times, improving, year over year:

2015: 2:03:47

2014: 2:09:06

2013: 2:15:53



Post run Picture.


Local rivalries were alive. Guess who won the Kirk v. Amy round?


Mike Finished the Full Marathon 3:18!

IMG_6356 IMG_6358

Gratuitous palm tree shot for all you snow-bound readers.


02012015 Huntington Beach, California  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 212015 91405 PM 02012015 Huntington Beach, California  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 212015 91431 PM

2015SurfCity_Marathon_Course map_B

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