Race Rehearsal for Pasadena Sprint Triathlon

Pasadena Triathlon Club hosted a Race Rehearsal for the Pasadena Sprint Triathlon. That’s a mouthful.

The Rose Bowl was a beehive of activity today. PTC had to relocate the Race Rehearsal from one parking lot to another, which caused mild confusion. I think almost everybody found us.

Lynda greeted all the new triathletes individually and gave them all a run down as they arrived. VELO Pasadena and HRach provided bike support. Changing tires and tubes, showing off some different bikes. Braun Chiropractor Derrick was out supporting the event too, stretching out the athletes before the workout.

Lynda gave a course preview from arriving in the morning to a blow by blow of the run – bike – swim. She went over bike mount line and dismount line. She demo’d how to run your bike through transition.

Bill and Luis lead the athletes on a short run loop and then a short bike loop.

Then, all the athletes gave it a spin. 3 cycles: run – bike – run – bike – run – bike. Btw, it was a warm 90F day in SoCal in Mid-Febrary. They all worked up a good sweat!

Thanks to Lynda, Steve, Amy, Yuri, Bill, Luis, Anton, Todd, Corinna, Lisa, Kirk, Gregg, Dave for making the new triathletes feel welcome and ready for their race!

IMG_6652 IMG_6647 IMG_6654 IMG_6661 IMG_6645 IMG_6651 IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6648 IMG_6646 IMG_6655 IMG_6672 IMG_6674 IMG_6658 IMG_6664 IMG_6665 IMG_6667 IMG_6680

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