Swim before the meet

2,150 yd, 41:57 moving time

I met Gregg at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center for a Pre-Ride Swim. We’re on the same training plan from Endurance Nation, and he follows it very closely. I’m still struggling to get all the workout in each week. So, to get the swim in, we met before the Club Ride. Pool opens at 6am. It was still dark. RBAC was hosting a huge swim meet for youth. By the time we left at 7am, it was super busy.

This is a picture of the dive pool, where we were. and, the other pool. It was crazy busy. This swim really made the next club ride feel like a triathlon… I was tired climbing the hills, where I usually feel pretty good.

IMG_7214 IMG_7218Chrome Legacy Window 2282015 75302 PM

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