Ride Report. Resolution Ride Route. Climb Every Pasadena Mountain.

32.2 miles, 2:41:55 moving time, 3,579 ft elevation, 8 trophies.

Forecast was 50% rain, which in LA scares off some riders. We had a nice steady group for the Resolution Route, which is a circuit around Pasadena, climbing every hill around town. The ride started at Jones coffee, and rode east through town. Cool and breezy, but compared to the snow-pocalypse around the rest of the US, we’re not complaining. There was a steady climb up Sierra Madre, New York, Altadena, Pinecrest, Loma Alta, ending at the top of Lake Ave. Halfway down the descent, we took Chaney Trail up. This one is crazy steep, 18-22%, ask Brent how steep it is. hehe. Then, around to La Canada. Hampstead climb to Sugarloaf. Another crazy steep short one, 18-20%, but not as long. Down along Inverness and up St. Augustine another 18-20% kicker. Fun descent. Speedy across Linda Vista. Last climb up Glen Oaks. I was not feeling it today, maybe due to the 2100 yd swim we did before the ride. oh yeah, thanks Gregg for that. We had another group which did the Coached Ride on the other side of town, which rode the Bonelli Loop in San Dimas.

Philip, Steve, Luis, Richard, MikeW, Martin, Gregg, Peter, Brent, and me. Not pictured: MikeK.

IMG_7222 IMG_7220 IMG_7223

Dudes in Old Town Pasadena

IMG_7224 IMG_7225

Chaney Trail.




IMG_7233 IMG_7237

Top of St. Augustine. Well done, Philip!


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