PTC Brick #1. Rose Bowl Loop + Arroyo to SoPas

Brick = Bike + Run

Bike: 19.2 miles, 689 ft elevation, 1:02 hr moving time, 36 suffer score, 8 trophies.

Run: 3.6 miles, 125 ft elevation, 38:17 moving time, 54 suffer score.

We re-started the brick after the time change. Starting at 5:30pm gives us just enough light to finish a 1 hr ride. Peter Day is leading the bricks this year. He’s a quiet one, but can certainly lead out the group on a fast loop.

Phil, Peter, Travis, Abel, Eugene, Lisa, MikeK, Brian, MikeW, Steve, and Joe. Corinna, Charles, and friend also were at the Brick.

IMG_8729  New Member Travis got his new PTC t-shirt and swim cap!


As the sun set behind the Verdugo Mountains, it lit up the oak tree lined Arroyo.

IMG_8731 IMG_8732

Colorado Street bridge.

IMG_8734 IMG_8735

Charles brought out a friend for a bike and run. Well Done!

I hopped into my running shoes and went for a lap. I saw Haroon at the end of my loop. He was teaching another newbie how to ride. Way to go, Haroon!

This was my first ride with a Power Tap G3. I’ll share my power data. I got a previously loved and refreshed PowerTap and Wheelbuilder wheel from my friend Rich Strauss, who’s a coach at Endurance Nation. My bike was overdue for a tune up. So, I turned it in to VELO Pasadena for a tuneup. The brake cables were stretched. The shifter cables were stretched. The chain was loose and needed replacement. The cassette needed to be transferred to the new wheel. Bike is like brand new and shiny again. It’s ready for showtime. I have a Race Rehearsal on Sunday for Week 6 until St. George Ironman 70.3.

Power: Average 161 W

Cadence: Average 71 rpm

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