PTC Brick #3. Erin’s Loop.

18.7 miles, 1:12 moving time, 1,558 ft elevation, 42 suffer score, 181 W weighted avg power, 726 kJ work, 18 trophies

Michel, Mike, Lisa, Peter, Sebastian, Travis, Brian, Joel, and me. Not pictured: Bill and Eugene were seconds late. MikeK caught up with us too.

 IMG_9092  IMG_9090

Sebastian and Peter told glory stories from last week’s Oceanside 70.3.

We took one causal loop around the Rose Bowl, then up Salvia Canyon.

IMG_9094  IMG_9093

Erin’s loop, as Strava fondly defines it, goes around the local hills. Here’s the base and top of Lida.

IMG_9100  IMG_9095

Video Clips: Lida. Top to bottom with club climbers

Video Clip: Figueroa and Highland Descent

Video Clip: Salvia Canyon descent. Pelaton.

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