St. George 70.3 Triathlon. Countdown. 31 more days…

31 days until St. George 70.3 IRONMAN Triathlon!

Whew. I’ve been freaking out over the last couple weeks. I’m swimming, running, and riding like a madman. There’s a bunch of other areas in my life that are in a circling pattern. They’re hanging in there but feel like a distraction. Never has my training felt so compulsive.

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My mantra is to live each day to its fullest and enjoy it. Don’t feel bad about all the workouts that I missed. Don’t feel bad about any family commitments that I missed. Just keep making the best decisions and working out the best can. Live within my box (of life constraints) and don’t break it. Be thankful and happy with the opportunities in front of me.

I’m planning on caravaning with 29 other racers from Pasadena Triathlon Club. It’s our Big Road Trip for the year. We’re planning a post race party at a rental house. Check out the location some of the guys are staying at! They volunteered to host the party there! Wahoo!

I have another big cycling event before SG70: the Muholland Challenge. 13,000 ft of climbing, 120 miles. Even this feels like a distraction. I try to reframe all the events and workouts as training events that all feed into SG70.

A weird side note: I’ve been losing weight over the past few months, in spite of eating everything around me. I have never been one to diet. I still love my ice cream and cookies. But, I do appreciate all the fruits and veggies that my wiife fills the frig with. I try to grab apples as snacks instead of cookies. Sometimes, I really need a cookie. I was losing so much weight I even bought a new scale because I thought the old one was lying for sure. The last time I was this skinny, I felt like I was on the edge of horrible. If I got hungry, was dying hungry. This time around, I feel stronger and leaner. I’m 6′ tall and 160 pounds. I went down to 155 last week.

A follow up weird side note: My jeans all had holes, so I bought new jeans. I think they saw you should throw your fat clothes away so there’s no turning back. However, I’m afraid that I’m freakishly thin at this time, right before SG70. Anyway, the trendy skinny jeans are hilarious. I literally laffed in the dressing room. My kids laff at me anyway. I ended up buying straight leg jeans. They feel closer to my legs than usual khakis and relaxed jeans, but they are NOT skinny jeans. Did you know that skinny jeans have spandex in them? hahaha.

I also have a big announcement to make in the next few weeks, that’s been very distracting too. I’ll just leave that out there for you speculate about it. I want to share it out loud, but it’s kinda like Voldemort, the name which cannot be spoken aloud.

There. I feel better already. Thanks for listening. Joe

One thought on “St. George 70.3 Triathlon. Countdown. 31 more days…

  1. I’m so excited for you! St. George looks very challenging but very fun.

    I wish I lost weight while training! I think long distances make me retain more weight.

    Excited to hear your big announcement!

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