Swim 2200 yds

2200 yds, 41:22 moving time.

El Monte Aquatic Center. I have a couple friends at work that have been joining me for lunch time swims. Today I wasn’t planning on swimming, but my friend wanted to go, so I went. 90% of friendship is just showing up.

My allergies have been killing me lately, and usually swimming clears them up more. It didn’t help too much today, still sniffling and sneezing before and after. Oh well. At least I got my swim in today.

I noted earlier that I’ve been losing weight leading up to SG70 (St. George IRONMAN 70.3). We’ll my wedding ring is too loose to swim with. I have been taking it out poolside, cuz I can remember sooner than my first lap in the water. And I squeeze my finger together until I finish the first 50 and slip the ring off, before it falls in the deep end. Ironically, I have two wedding rings. I have a fat one for summer time and a thinner one for winter. This is the thin winter one and it can slip off in the water. sheesh.

There’s a waterslide at El Monte too. I haven’t gone down it yet. Someday, those kids better watch out.

IMG_9073 IMG_9072 IMG_9074 IMG_9076 04022015  Swim  Strava - Google Chrome 422015 104327 PM

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