Ride Report: Sierra Madre to Back side of GMR

54.1 miles, 3:33 moving time, 4,137 ft elevation, 102 suffer score, 44 trophies, 160 W power, 1,813 kJ work, 245 training load.

Pasadena Tri Club Saturday Ride. It was a kind of race rehearsal for Ironman St. George 70.3, which is a hilly course (2500 ft of climbing). This ride had a bit more than that, but my legs got the idea. (Compared to last week’s Mulholland Challenge, this was a walk in the park.) We started in at the usual Starbucks in Sierra Madre and rolled to Encanto Park in Duarte, where we picked up a few more. We rode up the San Gabriel River Trail Bike Path to the end, and continued up Highway 39, San Gabriel Canyon Road. We saw the San Gabriel Dam, and the reservoirs which are scary low right now. California is in a huge drought. I felt good on the climb up. We turned right at East Fork and re-grouped at the Cafe. I had some family stuff at home and was considering flipping it at the cafe. But, since we were hammering it pretty good, we made it to the cafe by 9:15am. I decided to continue the full course up the Back Side of GMR (Glendora Mountain Road), which is about a 5 mile climb, 6% grade. I stuck with Bill, Dave, David, and Luis. I love the descent down GMR. No cars or motorcycles today; it was awesome. We rode along the foothills back to Sierra Madre and finished a iced coffee all before 11:30am. Home in time to chill and have lunch with the family. PS. I tucked Mio Link sensor under my cycling shorts on the top of my thigh. It worked great. One less wristband.

Luis, Phil, Bryan, Lynda, Bill, Amy, Philip, Dave, Gregg

IMG_9788 Rich, Dino, Sue, Joey, MikeW, Steve, Bill, Bryan, Lynda, Elizabeth, Gregg, Luis, Amy, Dave, Phil, Hank, Joe


IMG_9797 IMG_9799

San Gabriel Dam. East Fork Bridge

IMG_9800 IMG_9803


IMG_9804 IMG_9805 IMG_9806 IMG_9807 IMG_9808 IMG_9809 IMG_9810 IMG_9812 IMG_9816

GMR Descent

GMR Descent 2

Rolling through Arcadia

Chrome Legacy Window 4182015 11816 PM 04182015 Sierra Madre, California  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 4182015 13054 PM Chrome Legacy Window 4182015 13059 PM Chrome Legacy Window 4182015 15645 PM-3

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