Refreshing the Box

Life is a box. You have only so many hours in a day and you can fill it with whatever you want. Choose wisely. After my A-race at IRONMAN St. George 70.3, it was time to recalibrate the box.

First in the box, I put in all the essentials: sleep, eat, brush teeth, work, commute, pay the bills, laundry, shower. Even these can be lifehacked. I’ve been focused and fortunate that I’ve been able to work less than 15 miles from home and the 30 minute LA commute is against traffic. This alone is a huge quality of life improvement. It actually creates so much more room in my box.

Then I put in all the family fun stuff: Play with kids, soccer games, church, shopping, cooking, cleaning. Walks with my wife. Watching TV with wife. (and a little Tour of California).

Then I squeeze in my personal fun stuff: swim, bike, run. Volunteer time as President for Pasadena Triathlon Club.

There’s an weekly scale and an annual scale to these practices too. This is an exercise in priorities.

Family scheduling has become an art form in our house. All our calendars on our iPhones, iPad are synced. First come first served for event on days, with consideration for important events. We just check the calendar before we overbook ourselves.

Without a big race looming overhead in the near future, it’s too easy to slack off on training. I think I’ll fill up my Training Peaks calendar with a training plan for Vineman Date, even though I’m not going this year.

This week I poured in more family time and poured more attention on my wife. Catch up on house repairs, bills, and side business stuff. Washed the dishes, every day. Replaced light bulbs and light fixtures. Cooked dinner with the kids.

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