Things to do while I’m sick

Somehow I caught a cold at the hospital, while I was keeping my dad company. He was getting a few cardiac stents implanted last week. He’s recovering at home and I’m at home with a nasty, deep chest cold. A cough that keeps waking me up at night. A sore throat. And no good sleep. Total zombie. Yesterday I dragged myself to work for a half day, which turned into a 3/4 day. I was a grouchy zombie, by the time I got home. I decided it was best to not infect everyone at work and stayed home today.

So, what do I do on a rest day?

Prayer. Church sermons have been about prayer. It was a partly cloudy day today. I sat in the backyard and soaked up the sun and prayed for a while. Focus time.

Read. I read lots of my favorite blogs. Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin,,, Strava. Although reading about Strava and seeing all the great workouts, wasn’t really helpful for a rest day.

Bills. Paid the bill. Caught up on my investments. I felt slightly productive.

Laundry. Little more productive.

Napping.  Very productive. 🙂

Then I took a luxurious shower and got dressed to go out to the real world. Didn’t make it out.  Cleaning up and getting fully dressed always makes me feel better. I thought I might go eat out for lunch and run a couple errands, maybe drop by the Apple store and play with the Apple Watch. But, I got tired, no really tired and stopped at the living room. And…

TV. Watched a little TV. Jeopardy. I got the Final Jeopardy right. Pocahontas! Giada at Home. omg. I never thought of making home made pasta, but she made it look so good. But, I’m still suspicious of a skinny Italian TV cook. She must only eat the two bites on screen. And her daughter doesn’t look anything like her nor (soon-to-be-ex) husband. Cupcake wars. Why do they cook 20 cupcakes of all three types if there’s only three judges? Am I missing something?

Shoes. I got new running shoes in the mail today. Asics at half price. Wahoo! Retail therapy from a couple days ago. It was super fast. Kinda want to go running in the new shoes, but walking around gives me a huge coughing fit. Sit your butt down.

Trips next year and IRONMAN. I had a great year so far. Triathlon stuff, family, friends. I’m planning for next year, but it’s a little unclear. One thing is to see the world. Thwarted so far. Nobody in family wants to go anywhere. Kinda want to take my daughter on a missions trip, so she’ll have something to write about in her college essay. Also want to do a full IRONMAN next year. Currently, I’m planning on doing IRONMAN Canada with my close friend Marvin. However, there’s a bit of uncertainty. Another group of tri friends are doing IRONMAN Mont Treblant. Bad timing. Any and all of these trips would take a few days off work. That’s another topic to think about too.

I’m so thankful for all the wonderful things that have been happening this year. My blog is fun place to share it with everybody.

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