Trying on the Apple Watch

I didn’t buy it; I was just trying it on. I don’t want to get too excited. I have a girlishly thin wrist. I wondered if it fit on my wrist. Why want something that doesn’t fit? I could cross off my list, if it didn’t fit on my wrist.

But, I watched the product videos. AMAZING. There’s the kissy kissy video. There’s the sporty running video. There’s the ALU-MIN-IUM video; I just knew John Ive would say it that way.

So, I dragged my daughter to the Pasadena Apple Store. I was expecting a wait. But, I got to try on the watches right away. I have to say, it felt great on. I could wear the bigger one ()42mm screen) and still fit on my thin wrist. I brought my clunky Garmin 910XT along, just for comparison. I don’t wear a watch on a daily basis, but that may change.


Milanese Loop. Infinitely adjustable. Slinky. Looked geat. Felt fantastic. I was happy the larger version 42mm screen fit on my wrist.

IMG_0813  IMG_0811

Blue Leather Loop. Fit great. Looked great. All the segments are magnetic. Cool.

IMG_0816 IMG_0817

Black Sports Band. Blah.


Playing with the demo watch was fantastic. It’s a tiny device. It’s beautiful. The interfaces are amazing. The touch screen is touch and push. It has haptic (buzz) response; Apple calls it taptic. It has LED infrared heart beat reader. It doesn’t have GPS; rather it uses the GPS in your phone. I’m not all that clear about the functionality of the watch if it’s away from your phone. I’m guessing all the stuff that needs a connection dies or goes offline.

It’s an awesome product. Not sure I NEED it. Yeah, keep telling myself that. My budget is pretty blown out this year.

My favorite blogger, DC Rainmaker did his waterproof review on the Apple Watch. Great stuff. He goes swimming and platform high diving!

His original Apple Watch review and video. Video here.


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