Golden Road Aquatics

2800 yds, 1.5 miles roughly. 400 yd warmup. 200 yds sculling (Garmin didn’t understand that at all), 2×50, 3x 100, 4x 300, 200 fast, 3x 50 cool down.

I swam masters class with Mike at Golden Road Aquatics in Burbank, at the Verdugo Pool. I saw my friends from Pasadena Tri Club, Bryan and Luis. I don’t do master classes, so It was a hard workout. Great, but hard. My Garmin 910xt is really wonky now. There are 6 lanes for masters. I was in the 4th lane (middle speed), with Bryan and another guy Brad from South Bay. I usually never kick and there was definitely kicking in this workout. Mike was working my hard. I have lots of room for improvement. My right arm crosses over. My left arm is too straight. My head is underwater too far. I’m trying to process all this, while Bryan is lapping me! On jump out of the pool, my calf cramped. Slightly embarrassing, but thankfully it subsided quickly. I’m sure it’s because I never kick when I swim, and my calves were like, wtf? The rest of the Verdugo facilities are fine. Although the lockers are tiny slots, the showers, and bathrooms are clean, well lit and tidy. Some of the showers are seriously LOW flow, the center ones are better. Overall, it was really fun to swim with friends on a warm Wednesday afternoon. Thanks, Mike!

IMG_1614IMG_1615 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1620

I heard that if you join the Masters Program you get Golden Road Brewery IPA 4 packs every month! Charles brought some over the other night. So, I figured I had to celebrate my first Golden Road Workout! Cheers.

IMG_162106242015 Golden Road Masters. Thanks Mike! Gasp!  Swim  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 6242015 93337 PM

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