Movie. Inside Out. Pixar Disney. 

My son and I saw Inside the other day. It was a great film on many levels. I tell people that it’s the saddest movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s great. I cried during the movie for dad reasons. The pink imaginary friend is the scene stealer; heart breaking as he fades away, never to have is rocket ride again. I loved the anthropomorphic characters for all the emotions and psychological parts of the brain. It was a great way to teach us about ourselves. Inside Out is a wonderful way to learn about your emotions, memory, and growing up and dealing with change. Sadness is a part of life and creates some good things. My blog might be called Choose Happiness, but sadness has its place in life and so too in my blog. I may not focus on sad things because it pulls me down a dark hole, but I do affirm that sad situations can lead to a change for the better. Life is a choice to move ahead, just like Riley. Joy cannot make Riley happy all the time. We must remember the core things that make us who we are. Embrace tightly the good ones, and let the rest go, it let’s you change and grow.

This is a great article about the psychological side from a psychologist. They may be splitting hair about the current treatment of the unified self, but overall,

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