Anniversary Dinner

To celebrate a belated 18th anniversary, we went out for dinner at Del Frisco Grill in Pasadena. Food was pretty good. I had the recommendation of a foodie friend for a steakhouse. I had a filet and my wife had salmon; BK picked beef stroganoff and MM had a steak sandwich. BK’s friend C tagged along for unexplainable reasons. But, it worked out, cuz we had a photographer for our family picture.

IMG_2826 IMG_2833 IMG_2834

During our anniversaries, we hold an annual review to reflect on how last year went and what we want to accomplish next year. There’s a few goals for next year, but they may be mutual exclusive, not sure yet. I have a goal to do Ironman full next year with some friends in PTC. My wife has a goal to pick up a new hobby that we can do together. We have another goal to get MM on a path towards college, including a trip next summer that will be amazing enough for her to write about in a college application. Who knows where or what that trip will be like.

After dinner we had dessert from Urth Caffe. Hazelnut chocolate cake, Chocolate tiramisu, blueberry cheesecake, fruit tart. We dropped off C and shared the desserts with his mom and sister.

IMG_2844IMG_2843IMG_2846IMG_2839 IMG_2840

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