I rode with Pasadena Tri Club (PTC) on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). 

38.5 miles, 1,875 ft. 

We started at Malibu Bluffs Park, across the street from Pepperdine University. We rode northbound all the way to Pt. Magu. Lots of rollers. We stopped at Neptune’s Net. It was warm but nothing like the Valley, which was well over 100F. 

Richard, GT, Eugene, Joe, Fang


Pepperdine University

IMG_3897 IMG_3901 IMG_3902 IMG_3904 IMG_3910 IMG_3912 IMG_3917 IMG_3920 IMG_3922 IMG_3925 IMG_3927 IMG_3930 IMG_3933 IMG_3939 IMG_3943

08152015 Malibu, California  Ride  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 8152015 122259 PM

IMG_3957 IMG_3952 IMG_3953 IMG_3954 IMG_3955

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