Indoor Skydiving

My son took a few friends to iFly Hollywood for his birthday. On a family pass, I joined the flying fun. The wind tunnel is built into the ground so everyone can see you at ground level. The instructors are really fun guys. They hang on you. You get two rounds. The first round you get the feel of body position. Then the second round you go high flying. Watching the other guys is just as fun as doing it yourself. The fan really makes your face flap around and dries out your lips.

IMG_5586 IMG_5609 IMG_5610 IMG_5614 IMG_5618

Video Clips

Of course, the soundtrack for iFly is Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly with Me.


iFly Hollywood is located at Universal City Walk. A fun shopping, entertainment place.

IMG_5579 IMG_5580IMG_5656 IMG_5584.IMG_5654IMG_5655

We went back to SoPas for Ramen for dinner.

IMG_5660   IMG_5659IMG_5657

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