Wet Brick = Swim + run

There’s another heat wave in LA; today was 102°F. I get so droopy in the evening, it was easy to fall asleep early. The good news is that it’s easier to get up for a big wet brick this morning.

Although it was dark at 6:00am, it was cool. The pool has cool LED lighting. I swam 2500 yds. I stuck closely to the swim workout, cuz I saw Coach Barry in the pool, a couple lanes over. We chatted in the locker room later. His wife recently got some hardware out of her collarbone (yeah, she’s a cyclist too). I told him that I’m racing this Sunday; and I might have to change up a few workouts. Barry is in the first picture, but he’s so fast and smooth, you can’t see him.

Quick transition in the locker room and start part 2 of the Wet Brick. I ran 45 minutes. It wasn’t fast or far, but the foot is feeling decent. I really like the Arroyo Seco South. It’s a nice quiet trails and still cool in the mornings. I feel like I got away from it all, but really only went a block away. There’s lots of friendly dog walkers. There’s a potty stop about 1 mile down the trail, by the archery and fly fishing.

After training with Coach Barry for about 3 months, it’s great to see progress. Using Training Peaks, my CTL (Chronic Training Load). Fitness level is at an all time high today, CTL 96.7. The previous peak fitness of CTL 96.3 was on the day of Ironman St. George 70.3 in May. Then there was a slump. My fitness started climbing again in August, when I started the coaching program. Consistency is the key. For more info on Training Peaks and CTL Click here.

IMG_6347IMG_6349IMG_6352IMG_6354IMG_6357TrainingPeaks - Plan your training, track your workouts and measure your progress - Mozilla Firefox 1092015 31208 PMMorning Run Run Strava - Mozilla Firefox 1092015 24250 PM

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