Club Championship at Bonelli Olympic Distance (BOD)

[update 1011/15, 8:30pm, winners and stats added.]

Club Championship at Bonelli Olympic Distance (BOD)

2015 PTC Club Champs are….

Men 40+: Peter Day

Men 39-: Luis Moran

Women 40+: Amy Avila

[Details, stats, splits for all PTC Participants are at the bottom of post.]

I took lots of pictures before and after the race. Maggie took pictures during the race.

What a super fun day at the park. It was a hot one though. It started warm. At sunrise, about 6:30am it was already 80F.  Bonelli Park is a reservior and the water was 75°F; which is also super warm. During the 3 loop bike ride, it just got warmer and hotter and hot. By the run, it was 95°F at the finish line. Fun post party.

A bunch of PTC guys and gals got on the podium!. Amy, Lisa, MikeK.

PTC relays got on the podium too! We took home raffles wins too!

Thanks to Lynda, Bill, Maggie, Charles, Todd, Luis, Gregg for setting up and tearing down the food, tents and trailer. I had a blast. Thanks to Dino for donating coolers of ALOE GLOE and drinks.

Front: Lisa, Lynda, Joe, GT, Steve, Anthony

Back: Sheila, Corinna, Mike, Todd, Charles, Glenn, Bill, Kirk, Peter Rob


George, Mike, GT

IMG_6400 IMG_6401 IMG_6404

Luis, Glenn, Jason, Ben

IMG_6405 IMG_6406 IMG_6407

Allison, Amy, Steve

IMG_6408 IMG_6409

Gregg, Lisa, Valerie

IMG_6410 IMG_6411

Joe, Corrina. Janet, Valerie, Lisa, Corrina

IMG_6412 IMG_6413

Anthony, Kirk

IMG_6415 IMG_6416

Transition setup.

IMG_6417 IMG_6418 IMG_6419 IMG_6420

IMG_6426  IMG_6430 IMG_6439 IMG_6438 IMG_6435 IMG_6434 IMG_6440 IMG_6441 IMG_6442 IMG_6443 IMG_6444 IMG_6446 IMG_6447 IMG_6451 IMG_6458 IMG_6457 IMG_6455 IMG_6454 IMG_6460 IMG_6463 IMG_6466 IMG_6469 IMG_6471 IMG_6476 IMG_6478 IMG_6481 IMG_6483 IMG_6485 IMG_6486 IMG_6487 IMG_6488 IMG_6489 IMG_6491 IMG_6492 IMG_6493 IMG_6494 IMG_6496 IMG_6497 IMG_6508 IMG_6515 IMG_6516 IMG_6518 IMG_6520 IMG_6521 IMG_6528 IMG_6533

My personal race report: 3:28 Total (Gun to Garmin finish).

Swim: 33:11 (my garmin) I liked my swim. It went well. I was bumping a couple guys for most of the swim. There was some contention about 2nd half of the swim buoys. The swim was kinda of triangle, but could have been more of a rectangle. Some lifeguards were telling folks to go around an extra buoy on the way back. I went “straight” back from the far buoy. No huge gulps of lake water. The water was gross. I think even the little sips upset my system. See bike sections.

T1: I planted my flip flops by the swim out and that was nice.

Bike: 1:30 (my garmin) I focused on my power at 200W whether going up or down. This is a hilly, 3-loop course. There are 2 main hills each loop. The first is right out of transition. Then you fly down the hill along side the 57 Hwy. I had my Redshift seat post in the Up Aero position. I held onto aero on the descent and hit 40 mph. Big headwind out by the airport. Good thing I focused on Power cuz I would have been sorely upset at the speed into the headwind. Ben zoomed passed me on the crappy road section. On the second loop, the lake water wanted out of my system. While I was trying to drink down my nutrition, the lake water was trying to come back up. I pulled over and gave some dry heaves to give the lake water a chance to do its thing, but nothing. After that experience, my drinking and eating were kinda of tentative. However, in the extreme heat, I felt I had to keep drinking at a constant and good pace or I’d just pass out.

T2: simple. Grabbed a full hat for ice. Too bad there was no ice on course. Boo race dude. Grabbed cooling towel. This was to be a literal LIFE SAVER.

Run. 1:17 (my garmin) Started eating slowing and drinking a lot. It was a hard day. Stomach was still upset, then adding lots water started sloshing it around. Walked and jogged slowly. Glenn, Amy, GT, Corrina, Lisa, Janet, cheered me up, as they zoomed by. This is a hilly and hot course.

Overall, I’m happy with the race. I was proud of my swim and bike (the heaves didn’t take too much time off). The run was hot, but the cooling towel kept my mental state in check. Last year, I mentally lost when I overheated. Dark Dark thoughts last year. Not so much this year. Yay.

Post race: It was great to hang out with the club members. We cheered as the Relay Teams took the podiums. Amy, Lisa, Peter took Age Group podiums too. Awesome.

Swim. Triathlon. Bonelli Olympic Distance. BOD. Swim Strava - Mozilla Firefox 10112015 42034 PM Bike. Triathlon. Bonelli Olympic Distance. BOD. Ride Strava - Mozilla Firefox 10112015 42053 PM Run. Triathlon. Bonelli Olympic Distance. BOD. Run Strava - Mozilla Firefox 10112015 42143 PM


Club Champs:

Congrats to all the PTC podium winners!

Amy, Lisa, Peter podiumed in their AG

Ben, Charles, Matt, Mike, Bill podiumed in the Relays.
[Please reply/share if I missed your win.]

Thanks to Lynda, Bill, Maggie, Charles, Todd, Luis, Gregg for setting up and tearing down the food, tents and trailer. I had a blast. Thanks to Dino for donating coolers of ALOE GLOE and drinks.

The results have posted online. Congrats to this year’s Winners.

Here’s the Results for the PTC Club Championship at BOD.

Men 40+: Peter Day

Men 39-: Luis Moran

Women 40+: Amy Avila

Congrats to the 2 PTC Relay Teams which placed 2nd and 3rd.


Details and stats posted below. Links are live for split times


Bonelli Olympic Distance Results 2015
Overall Place
7 Peter Day (Bib 43) PTC Winner, Men, 40+ Chip Time 02:32:24.563
Overall Finish 7 / 161
Gender Finish 7 / 123
Age Group Finish 2 / 20
Average Pace 4:45/mile
Swim 00:30:59.682
T1 00:02:19.971
Bike 01:13:06.617
T2 00:01:07.924
Run 00:44:50.369
38 Rob Egan (Bib 54)
44 Alvin Hom (Bib 95)
46 Antone Kephart (Bib 109)
53 Luis Moran (Bib 150) Winner, Men, Under 40 Chip Time 03:04:38.276
Overall Finish 53 / 161
Gender Finish 43 / 123
Age Group Finish 6 / 13
Average Pace 5:46/mile
Swim 00:36:08.089
T1 00:03:26.212
Bike 01:24:27.077
T2 00:01:31.394
Run 00:59:05.504
58 Todd Fujimoto (Bib 71)
59 Glenn Gorham (Bib 79)
70 Amy Avila (Bib 7) PTC Winner, Female 40+ Chip Time 03:11:44.523
Overall Finish 70 / 161
Gender Finish 13 / 38
Age Group Finish 3 / 7
Average Pace 5:59/mile
Swim 00:34:58.978
T1 00:04:23.260
Bike 01:26:43.741
T2 00:01:41.740
Run 01:03:56.804
80 Kirk Cassidy (Bib 25)
86 Lisa Acosta (Bib 1)
94 GT Erguiza (Bib 56)
98 Joe Wong (Bib 234)
115 Valerie Fleischman (Bib 66)
119 Corinna Luna (Bib 129)
22 Lynda Neuman (Bib 155)
146 Donna Martin (Bib 242)
SteamBoat Express
41 Stephen Lis (Bib 655)
76 Sheila McCarthy (Bib 574)
87 Anthony Geraci (Bib 535)
2 Fan Club The Katy Perry (Bib 256)
3 Boys Fast (Bib 253)

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