Transition Bag – Story38 Carrier

I got a new transition bag, the Story38 Carrier. The bag designer Susan reached out to our PTC Club last year and shared her Kickstarter Project with us. Now It’s in production and It’s great. It’s fits everything. I used to drag around 3 or 4 bags: Swim bag with wetsuit, Bike gear bag, Nutrition bag, Personal items (murse). Now, it’s all in one and my hands are free to steer the bike without wobbling 4 bags around.

The main bag and smaller accessories. Wet bag and divider bag.


I laid out all my stuff for the BOD and then packed it into the Story38 Carrier.


Swim Gear: Wetsuit, googles, glide, sunscreen, slippers, UCLA Marker towel, transition pad

Bike Gear: Helmet, shoes, sockes, sunglasses, bike computer, heartrate monitor (Mio), Headlamp, 2 water bottles, waffle stingers, head band,

Run Gear: Shoes, Hat, goos, cooling towel

Post Race: Dry shirt and shorts, body wipe.

Divider bag. Holds little stuff. Lower section has heavy shoes. Upper section has lighter stuff. Helmet, filled with bike gear.

IMG_6385 IMG_6388

Separate wetbag for wetsuit. Sneaky pockets for personal items: Wallet and keys and phone. There’s actually so many pockets, you have to be careful not to lose your stuff in the wrong one. After a race, I empty and clean out my bags and gear. I had to check all those pockets again. Bag was easy to clean. The light color interior makes it easy to see what’s inside and it’s not a big black hole.

IMG_6389 IMG_6391IMG_6393

Here it is in at BOD. And at transition.

IMG_6497 IMG_6417

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