Golden Road Aquatics. Masters Swim. 

I dropped in the Golden Road Aquatics Master Swim class this morning. 6am. Verdugo Rec and Park, in Burbank California.

My friends Mike and Charles are leading the the classes and my friends Lynda, Peter, Abel, were swimming the classes today. I’m on the fence and talking myself into it. Lynda asked me last week to go this morning. I’m still working it out with Coach Barry. Usually there’s even a few more friends that swim there: Luis, GT, Gregg, and Bryan. I had a good time and think I might go for it. I met some new friends this morning too. Heather, Patrick (?), John, Matthew (?).

The Pros are: (Number 1&2 Reason)  I work harder in a group and it’s more fun. (3) I’ll never flake on my friends. So, I’m sure to go every time. (4) Personalized instruction and improved technique. Today Mike told me to catch better with left hand. Also to bend right elbow. (5) In the morning sessions, the pool is set for long course 50m, which is totally awesome. Less flipping, more swimming. (6) Clean pool. (7) Warm pool. (8) Traffic is easy in the early morning.

The Cons. (1) It’s 20 minutes the wrong direction in the morning. So I have to get up earlier than going to the Rose Bowl. And leave earlier to get to work. Rebuttal, 20 minutes isn’t bad. And it’s worth it. (2) Coach Barry has his own swim workouts. I’ve worked it out with him. I’ll do GRA from now until May and then move back to RBAC to start really rampling up for Ironman and personal workouts 3) RBAC membership. It’s very expensive and don’t want to double enroll. I’m okay leaving it behind. But associated is… (4) Run Days. If I leave RBAC then I’ll be running from home and cleaning up at home. That’s a whole different family dynamic. (5) Some of the Pro/Cons are comparisons between GRA and RBAC. (5a) RBAC Master’s starts at 5:30am and goes 1.5 hrs. That’s too early for me right now. Rebuttal, Buck up, dude. (5b) I don’t have as many PTC friends at RBAC. Rebuttal, I’m all for making new friends. (5c) RBAC master is in the icy cold pool. Rebuttal, buck up dude.

6am is zero dark thirty.

Peter, Charles, I

Lynda and I

Lynda, Charles, Mike

Glorious dawn

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