Hollywood Ride Report. Pasadena > Griffith Park Observatory > LA River Trail

35.4 miles, 2:31 moving time. 2,388 ft elevation, 33 Strava trophies.

On a spectacular morning, where one could Catalina and channel islands, PTC rode to the Griffith Park Observatory.

We rolled through a street fair in Glendale, and through the back side of Griffith Park. Trains at Travel Town. Horse along the trails.


IMG_7235 IMG_7231 IMG_7232 IMG_7234 IMG_7238 IMG_7243 IMG_7255 IMG_7258 IMG_7259

The Valley. Ben up a trail.

IMG_7261 IMG_7262

The Hollywood Sign. My reserved foto executive director parking spot.

IMG_7264 IMG_7266IMG_7267

Glorious view of West LA.


Far views of Palos Verde and Catalina.

IMG_7269 IMG_7270 IMG_7273 IMG_7282 IMG_7284 IMG_7286 IMG_7288 IMG_7291

Heading out from Jones Coffee

Colorado Street Bridge (Courtesy of Stephen).

Across Colorado Street Bridge

From the Top of Griffith Park to the Observatory

Descent from the Observatory on Western Canyon Rd.

Los Feliz Blvd.

Entering LA River Trail

Riding South on LA River Trail

Griffith Park  Observatory  LA River Trail  Ride  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 10242015 52147 PM

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